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January 31, 2009
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The Fall by Zirngibl The Fall by Zirngibl
UPDATE: Wow, this piece seems to finally be getting some attention- 10x more faves in the last few days than it has had in the last 2 years! (Thank you, deviantArt groups.)
This one of those few illustrations where everything seemed to fall into place.

At the same time, it's frustrating that I did it over 2 years ago and can't seem to make anything recently that people like more than this one... Maybe it's a sign I should return to doing more stuff in this style or something?

UPDATE 2: Wow, a DD! Thanks so much guys! Sorry I haven't been keeping up with my journal/comments on here.


This was originally an 8" x 10" graphite value study I did for an open-ended homework drawing early in my sophomore year. I colored it a little later in Photoshop.

A large factory on the side of a cliff (Uses gravity to aid in the conveyer process) is now abandoned. I'll place the setting 30 years in the future. A new "extreme" sport is to scale the outer walls of this structure to dizzying heights with the aid of straps that go around the hands and feet and use the properties of what many reptiles have (such are being developed now for wall scaling). It takes a lot of body strength. In the colorized version of this, I plan to put graffiti in places to show that people do these things to "leave their mark".

The guy below is falling, but casting out a special device used for such a case. It comes with a small parachute as a stabalizer, and then casts out a circular ring of darts with the force of a shooting gun (180 degrees from each other so as to counteract kickback), resulting in several (4-6) lodging themselves in to the wall, enough so that the faller's weight can be held up among them. (They don't always work, so we can't be sure of the faller's fate!)

This is why climbers scale the gaps between the structures. By the way, belaying ropes are considered very lame in this sport and cause climbers to be looked down as weak.

Such a device is expensive, and the hooks have to be replaced after use.

By the way the guy's arms look a little long, but my brother (the model for both figures) is 6'6" (or is it 6'7" now?). Getting the reference was a challenge and I referenced 9 separate photos for the top figure.
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The Fall by *Mechaorthopteroid has a dramatic feeling very intense. The perspective is complex but is very well executed, as well as the anatomy and shading. Impressive! ( Suggested by LadyFromEast and Featured by Atramina )
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AMAZING! I can feel the preassure of the fall!
Really I love it!
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Very well done! I love it!
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