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May House - Interior --WIP-- by Zirngibl May House - Interior --WIP-- by Zirngibl
Here's another piece I did for a guest teacher in TAD honors: Gary Kelley! It's not very Gary Kelley-ish though (I kind of wish I would've taken his approach so he could've critted it more actually).

It was an interesting assignment. We were each assigned a calendar month (I got May) and then challenged to make an illustration that fits with the month, and ALSO features opposites.

I chose "Man and nature" and decided to make an architectural design after Frank Lloyd Wright that would show the two being integrated in an interesting way. And ended up going with an interior. The main idea is that there would be a brook starting outside in a forest, and being redirected through the house and back out the other side. Obviously you'd want to have some kind of filter outside to keep small critters from coming into the house along with the water. I imagine there would be a dam out there and a small pond, with a small fraction of the water being diverted into the house.

The furniture is, of course, based on spring flowers. I made up most of it, but those chairs in the upper right kitchen area are "tulip chairs" (Eero Saarinen).

This piece was also a rush job, so I intend to revisit it later and do some redesigning. It's too spotty and there's not a good sense of space. And too much local color. And the dark part doesn't read as an indoor creek yet.
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Never seen a house with bridges inside
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